Dew Ponds on South Downs Walks

March 3, 2016 | By More

A windy, bright evening on the Downs and a typical Downland ‘dew pond’. It has been suggested that ‘dew ponds’ have existed since Neolithic times (many thousands of years BC), certainly they have been recorded since Saxon times. They are dotted all over the Downlands around Eastbourne and Sussex. Despite the name, their primary source of water is believed to be rainfall rather than dew or mist.

Dew Pond near Eastbourne bed and breakfast











Much appreciated by the locals, of course.

Downland residents near Eastbourne bed and breakfast








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They are usually shallow, saucer-shaped and lined with puddled clay, chalk or marl on an insulating straw layer over a bottom layer of chalk or lime. To deter earthworms from their natural tendency of burrowing upwards, which in a short while would make the clay lining porous, a layer of soot would be incorporated or lime mixed with the clay.The clay is usually covered with straw to prevent cracking by the sun and a final layer of chalk rubble or broken stone to protect the lining from the hoofs of sheep or cattle (courtesy of Wikipedia)

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